Copenhagen • March, 2018


“The art of creating intimacy; cosines of the soul; the absence of annoyance; taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things; cosy togetherness; cocoa by candlelight.”

I have wanted to visit Copenhagen for a couple of years now, since friends visited and regaled tales of winter wonderland, roaring fires and snuggling under warm blankets to watch the world go by. This trip, if I’m honest, was borne more out of frustration than of sweet winter wonderlust. Let me explain:

In March 2018, 4 snowflakes fell on England and the country shut down for 3 whole days.. 3 whole days.. ok so there were more than 4 flakes of snow but still!

After 3 days of this I had cabin fever, in the extreme. The remedy it seemed was to pitch up in a cafe with my laptop and do some work.. on a Sunday.. anything to occupy my mind. Alas, even this plan failed me when my laptop locked me out. This as it turns out was a blessing I could never have anticipated. It took this irritation for my kettle to whistle and for my aggravation to boil over. Why was I even contemplating working on a Sunday, again, when there is so much more out there to see?!

The answer to all of my problems was surely, ‘hygge’