Bath • January, 2018

New year, new city.. or actually a very old one as it turns out!

January 2018 began with a trip back in time, to Roman England. I hope you have medieval battle music running through your head, and a smell of English grass wafting under your nose. It is true that Bath has seen its share of conflicts, for the Romans it was one of the most important settlements outside of Rome.

Legend has it that Rome was founded by two brothers; Romulus and Remus, who were the sons of Mars (the Roman god of war). There is no doubt that Bath has scars from this brutal regime but overridingly, Bath was a place of healing. A temple was built here as early as 50AD and the town of Aquae Sulis was born on the site of a magical healing spring. The temple was dedicated to Sul, the Celtic god of the sun, and Minerva the Roman goddess of healing.

This type of city peaks my interest because it satisfies me on several levels; it’s probably pretty, it’s interesting, and in the case of Bath, it has a great spa! So off I go..