“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley

Bath is a hypnotic city. It doesn’t take long to forget that you’re in he 21st century. There are marks here of every civilisation to have settled, and humans today are still making their mark.

My day began at the Roman Baths, as any tourist would. The baths are not cheap but they are very well preserved and a really good insight into the roman history of the city.


Throughout the ages, people have believed in the healing power of water to cure ailments and the infirm. The romans settled here when they learned of a thermal spring here.

Bath abbey can be seen in the background, and that’s where I headed next. The abbey represents a later period in English history. Following the decline of the Roman Empire, Bath continued to operate as a market town until a rebellion in 1088 lead to the brutal slaying of the townspeople and destruction of the monastery. The abbey was rebuilt some years later in the late Medieval period by the Bishop of Bath and Wells who dreamed of angels ascending and descending ladders to Heaven. He heard a voice telling him to restore the church. The Bishop took the dream to mean he should rebuild the abbey.


After all this walking around it was time to experience the thermal spa myself. This was blissful.. there is no other word for it. The water feels silky soft, and the minerals feel like you’re lapping in liquid vitality. The views from thermal spa are also fantastic!

The following photos are taken from the Thermae Bath Spa website because, alas I didn’t take a camera with me:


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