” The world is becoming a global village.” – Enock Maregesi

Enock Maregesi is an award winning Tanzanian novelist who wrote that, ‘the world is becoming a global village,’ about the international drugs trade. But the fact that the world is becoming smaller also has great benefits. In 2000 the Oresundsbron bridge was opened between Denmark and Sweden. Both the Danes and the Swedes are proud of this bridge, and what it says about freedom of movement and an integrated Europe. The bridge is road and rail and makes crossing between these two great cities, exceedingly simple.

The bridge is now the star of its own Scandinavian TV drama too! This sold it to me, I’m off to Malmo, Sweden.

When I arrived the snow was literally blowing sideways so I decided to seek some refuge indoors.

My first stop was to a tourist information point. There is one of these behind the station where you can also hire bikes. This would be a good city to cycle around because it’s compact, but with the snow I thought that might just be too treacherous. I was on the hunt for an old school paper map because as everybody knows, there isn’t an iPhone in the world that will last all day without a charging point. Having spent yesterday immersed in Nordic legends I decided to switch things up and visit a church in the towns square. Despite what the map told me, the town square is quite definitely not square.

Almost everything about this town square is circular 😂

Nevertheless I found my way to the church where I was, again, pleasantly surprised. Far from being a damp, dark, oppressive place like the churches of Northern Europe that I’ve seen before, this Scandinavian church was white, and bright and beautiful. I can definitely see why people would find their way here on a quest for peace and serenity, it’s quite spectacular. And lovely and warm 😂😂

I am disappointed to say that there is no vantage point of the bridge from Malmo for those only having their two feet for transport. I am told that it can be seen from one of the beaches.. but that’s off the end of my map and ergo… miles away. Instead I decide to hop back on the train to Copenhagen. The trains leave every 20 mins in either direction, and the journey is less than 40mins between Malmo Central station (Malmo C) and Copenhagen Central station (Kobenhavn H) so this is very easy. Had I known, I would have been tempted to take the train one way and the bus back as apparently the views are better. The bus takes about an hour so is slightly longer but also cheaper than the train which was 89DKK each way.

From back in Copenhagen the bridge can be seen from the Round Tower, the oldest operating observatory in Europe:

For this afternoon I hired a Citibike.. this was probably my favourite thing of the whole trip. They’re electric bikes, so super easy to ride without getting exhausted. Moreover, they come with GPS so even someone with my sense of direction can find their way around!

I’m almost certain by this time that I have earned a sit down. I am fairly sure that I could snap off my fingers a this point so the Library Bar at the Plaza was my last stop of the day.

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